Patroonships, Manors, and Seigneuries

Below is a partial list of Patroonships, Manors, and Seigneuries accepted by the Order. This list is not exhaustive, nor guaranteed to be completely accurate, but should provide a good starting place for genealogical research. As noted in the membership section, descent from a Lord of the Manor does not by itselt convey or guarantee membership. If you have any questions, please contact the Order.

New York and its Jurisdiction

This map, from the 1976 Yearbook, gives most locations. Manors not on the map are Eaton (Eaton's Neck, L.I.), Fletcherdon (in Orange Co.), Fox Hall (near Kingston), and Kingsfield (in Schenectady Co.). There may have been other qualifying patroonships and seigneuries in New York's jurisdiction.

Map of Patroonships, Manors, & Seigneuries
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Patroonship Patroon Date
Colen Donck Adriaen van der Donck 1646
Pavonia Michael Pauw 1630
Rensselaerswyck Kiliaen van Rensselaer 1630
Staten Island Cornelius Melyn 1642
Manor Lord Date
Bentley Christopher Billopp 1687
Cassiltown John Palmer 1687
Cortlandt Stephanus van Cortlandt 1697
Eaton Richard and Alexander Bryan 1686
Fisher's Island John Winthrop, Jr. 1666, 1668
Fletcherdon John Evans 1694
Fordham John Archer 1671, 1673
Fox Hall Thomas Chambers 1672, 1686
Gardiner's Island David Gardiner 1665, 1686
Kingsfield Nicholas Bayard 1695
Livingston Robert Livingston 1686
Morrisania Lewis Morris 1697
Pelham Thomas Pell 1666
John Pell 1687
Philipsborough Frederick Philipse 1693
Plum Island Samuel Wyllys 1675
Queens Village James Lloyd 1686
Rensselaerswyck Jeremias Van Rensselaer 1664, 1665
Kiliaen Van Rensselaer 1685, 1704
St. George William Smith 1693, 1697
Scarsdale Caleb Heathcote 1701
Shelter Island Nathaniel and Constant Sylvester 1666
Sophy /
Prudence Island
John Paine 1672
Tisbury / Martha's Vineyard Thomas and Matthew Mayhew 1671
Matthew Mayhew 1689
Seigneurie Seigneur Date
Alainville Michel Chartier, Marquis de Lotbiniere 1758

This list is based on Harry Wright Newman Seigniory In Early Maryland…. (Descendants of Lords of the Maryland Manors, Baltimore, 1949) pp. 55–66 and Donnell MacClure Owings “Private Manors: An Edited List”, as reprinted (with apparent extra footnotes) in the Order's Publication No. 30 at pp. 37–57.

Manor Lord Date
Abington John Abington 1653
Abington['s] Cliffs John Abington 1653
Admariothria George Thompson 1662
Bas[h]ford Thomas Gerrard 1651
Bathe Peter Bathe 1660
Boar[e]man's William Boar[e]man 1676
Bobing Thomas Greene by 1642
Bohemia Augustine Herrman 1676
Brooke Court Robert Brooke ?
Baker Brooke 1658
Brooke Place Robert Brooke 1650
Baker Brooke 1658
Canterbury Dr. Richard Tilghman 1660
Richard Preston 1666
Cary Thomas Cary 1657
Causine['s] Nicholas Causine 1649
Ignatius Causine 1659
Cerne Abbey /
Thomas Notley 1672
Chandler Job Chandler ?
Charles' Gift Jane, Lady Baltimore 1677
Christian Temple Thomas Allanson 1667
Cold Spring / Cool Spring Josias Fendall 1657
John Douglass 1677
Cooke's Hope Miles Cooke 1660
Cornwalleys Cross Thomas Cornwalleys 1639
Crayford John Boteler ca.1638
Darnall's Henry Darnall 1664
De La Brooke Robert Brooke 1650
Baker Brooke 1658
Doyley Robert Doyley 1658
Elk Point Richard Husbands 1660
Eltonhead /
Little Eltonhead
William Eltonhead 1649
Evelynton / Evelinton George Evelyn 1638
Fenwick / St. Cuthbert's Cuthbert Fenwick 1651
Friendship Bennett Hoskins 1672
Godlington Thomas Godlington 1660
Grafton John Harris 1660
Great Oak Josias Fendall 1658
Great Eltonhead Edward Eltonhead 1652
Henry Sewall 1663
Hayward Stephen Hayward 1658
Hayward-Foot Nicholas Hayward and Richard Foot 1657
Jackson's Nicholas Jackson 1660
Jennings Richard Jennings 1658
Job's Content Job Nutt 1657
Kent Fort Giles Brent 1640
Mattapany-Sewall Henry Sewall 1663
Madame Jane Sewall 1665
Nicholas Sewall 1722
Mattawoman Neck Thomas Cornwalleys 1654
Morton Philip Calvert 1660
Mount Calvert Philip Calvert 1657
My Lady's Manor Margaret, Lady Baltimore 1713
Oversee Simon Oversee ?
Philipsburgh Philip Calvert 1670
Portland Jerome Whyte 1667
Poynton / Nanjemoy William Stone 1654
Prior's Thomas Adams 1641
Ratcliffe Robert Morris 1660
Dr. Henry Wasse 1676
Resurrection Thomas Cornwalleys 1651
St. Anne's John Lewger (Sr.) 1640
St. Barbara's John Lewger (Jr.) 1661
St. Augustine's Ephraim Georgius Herrman 1684
St. Clement's Thomas Gerrard 1639, 1642
Justinian Gerrard 1678
St. Elizabeth's Thomas Cornwalleys 1639
St. Gabriel's Leonard Calvert 1634
St. Helen's Jerome Hawley by 1636
St. Inigoe's Ferdinando Poulton 1639, 1641
Thomas Copley 1641
Cuthbert Fenwick 1641, 1651
Ralph Crouch 1651
Henry Warren 1663
St. Jerome's Jerome Hawley by 1636
St. John's Charles Calvert ?
St. Joseph's Nicholas Harvey 1642
St. Michael's Leonard Calvert 1634
St. Richard's Richard Gardiner alias Garnett 1640
Luke Gardiner 1652
St. Thomas' Thomas Mathews 1649
Sarum Joseph Pile 1680
Madame Sarah Pile 1680
Snow Hill Justinian Snow ?
Abel Snow 1640
James Lindsey and Richard Willan 1652
Spesutia Island Nathaniel Utie 1661
Stephenhea[l]th Samuel Pensax 1660
Stratford Richard Chandler 1660
Susquehanna /
New Connaught /
George Talbot 1680
Swaile Philip Calvert 1660
Thompson's Richard Thompson 1640
Tilghman's Fortune Samuel Tilghman 1660
Trinity Leonard Calvert 1634
Truman's Place Nathaniel Truman 1665
Warberton / Barberton Dr. Luke Barber 1661
West St. Mary's Henry Fleete 1634
Westbury Thomas Weston 1643
Westwood Thomas Gerrard 1651
Wharton Jesse Wharton 1675
Wiske / Danby Philip Calvert 1660
Wolleston James Neale 1642
Wolseley /
Chancellor's Point
Philip Calvert 1660
Wolseley Point Philip Calvert 1664
Worton Henry Meese 1658
Edward Carter 1661